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Joy Junction, Inc.
400 Gold Avenue SW #800 (Corporate Physical Address)
Albuquerque, NM 87102
PO Box 27693 (Mailing Address)
Albuquerque, NM 87125
505.217.9586 (Corporate Office) | 888.882.7051 (Toll-Free)
Our Staff
Rev. Joseph R. Krall Rev. Joseph R. Krall
Chief Financial Officer
After 15 years in the private sector, Joseph earned a reputation for his exceptional creative and analytical abilities, and for his ability to flourish, focus and thrive in multi-task, multi-disciplinary high-pressure environments. He became a Christian in 1991, enrolled in Bible school and graduated in 1994. Joseph was licensed in 1996 and ordained in 1998. He has served in the capacity of Administrative or Executive Pastor at mainline mega-churches in Canada and the US for 12 years, Joy Junction CFO/CDO for 7 years, and 3 years as Executive Director for a non-Christian NPO.

As a financial administrator, Joseph has excelled and become highly regarded. His creativity and analytical abilities have resulted in 7 digit improvements in the balance sheet of 3 churches, including Joy Junction. In 1993, Joseph was awarded a prestigious medal by the Gov. General of Canada, in recognition of his contribution to compatriots, community and to Canada. Rev. Krall is 56 years old and very happily married with two daughters and four grandchildren. He has also been involved part-time in private consulting, communications and public relations. Joseph is considered an expert on church growth, and a top non-profit administrator in his field!

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